Friday, February 1, 2013

General Fabrication Timeline

Project Teams

[Transportation]: Responsible for packing and unpacking the sculpture, and personally driving the fragile/ valuable aspects of the work.

[Fabrication]: Works closely with the artist during the actual fabrication of the sculpture in Oakland, Ca.  The largest most diverse crew. Utilizes wide range of fabrication techniques and requires different levels of commitment.

[Electrical]: This is a smaller crew of individuals responsible for designing, ordering and assembling a self-sufficient solar power system capable of powering the whole lighting system.

[Design]: The artist will collaborate with other local artists and individuals to design unique and different obstacles to be include on the course.

[MOOP]: Organizes clean ups, monitors MOOP at all times.

[Set-Up]:  Assembles and disassembles the sculpture on Playa

Which team would you want to help out with?